Navigant Credit Union gains 50 leads in just a few days from its new HomeAdvantage® partnership and website integration 


SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Navigant Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in Rhode Island with over 145,000 members and $3.4 billion in assets, has partnered with HomeAdvantage® to attract and nurture home-buying members and close more purchase loans. In just a few days, the credit union acquired 50 new leads with 87 percent coming from the HomeAdvantage integration on Navigant’s website. When home buyers and sellers use an agent in the HomeAdvantage network to buy a home, nationally an impressive 80 percent of those applicants stay with the lead source for financing. 

“The strong success directly from Navigant’s website reinforces the power of awareness to drive leads that credit unions may otherwise lose,” said Tori Wilson, Account Executive for HomeAdvantage

Navigant’s members can now earn cash savings in the form of HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards when they use the program to buy or sell a home. Nationally, home buyers and sellers earn an average of $1,900 in Cash Rewards per real estate closing using the program. More than $67 million in Cash Rewards have been given to members during the program’s lifetime.

Navigant headquarters

“Thanks to the HomeAdvantage tool, navigating the real estate market for our members has been a seamless experience. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have empowered our members throughout the buying and selling process. This program provides real monetary perks for our members, which in turn can help with closing costs, renovations, and other home costs. I highly recommend this tool to other organizations looking for a stress-free home buying or selling experience for their members,” said Freddie Almeida, Vice President Residential Mortgage Origination Manager.

HomeAdvantage’s new Client Success team led a six-week implementation, meeting weekly to train the credit union’s loan officers about the platform, updating all team members to get them excited about offering the platform’s benefits to their members and guiding the credit union to announce the program through marketing outreach and channels.

HomeAdvantage’s signature real estate marketing platform features front-end tools that attract home buyers at the beginning of their journey. A newly designed co-branded website positions lenders as the single source for everything home buying and selling. More leads are gained by engaging members with the platform’s home valuation and market trend tools, along with home search and prequalification links back to the lender’s site. Backend systems and personal touchpoints nurture buyers through closing.

One of the critical touchpoints is the connection to a local expert HomeAdvantage-certified real estate agent who is committed to keeping the lead source’s financing top of mind. During the implementation, HomeAdvantage recruited agents who serve Navigant’s service area. HomeAdvantage’s end-to-end real estate program is currently used by more than 100 credit unions and lending partners across the country.


HomeAdvantage provides real estate services that help lenders build their purchase mortgage business while saving borrowers money in the form of HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards when they close on a home. The company’s end-to-end real estate program is currently used by more than 100 credit unions and lending partners across the country. Borrowers can use the program to search for homes, research neighborhoods and property values, connect with one of over 1,300 real estate agents in the 48-state network and save money when they close on a home. Visit to learn more.