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Attract More Mortgage Leads

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Our Platform

Co-Branded Search Portal

Give customers access to everything they need to buy or sell a home—from MLS listings to property valuations—in a contained, co-branded environment.

Buyer and Seller Support Services

Help customers achieve their real estate goals through a variety of full-service solutions including instant offers and bridge solutions.


Customers save money at closing through HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards—our cash-back benefit that averages $1,900 in savings per transaction. We’ve given back more than $60MM in lifetime rewards!

Certified Agent

Integral to HomeAdvantage is our network of certified real estate professionals from top local brokerages in 49 states. Each are trained to keep your brand front-of-mind.


In addition to customizable marketing templates and best practices, we help drive engagement by emailing local real estate reports to your customers each month.


Our nurturing protocols leverage co-branded drip campaigns and outreach from our Concierge team to keep your leads engaged until they are ready to transact.


HomeAdvantage integrates with key LOS systems—such as Mortgage Cadence and Encompass—to help increase lead capture, reduce friction, and improve pull-through rates.

Productivity Tools

Employees chartered with promoting HomeAdvantage have access to our robust Employee Dashboard where they can register customers, manage leads, and track progress.


Our built-in reports make it easy to monitor lead quality, volume, sources of conversion, and NPS scores, as well as track your members progress.

Our Solutions

More Leads

HomeAdvantage leverages online content and services to attract and convert buyers into your pipeline who are looking to transact now as well as in the next six to twelve months.

Lead Nurturing

Our lead nurturing protocols allow us to boost your brand awareness as a one-stop real estate shop and keep your leads engaged until they are ready to connect with an agent and close on a property.

Increase Pull-Through Rates

Our clients report average pull-through rates of 80% and higher thanks to our lead nurturing protocols, agent training, and the enticement of Cash Rewards at closing.

Save Customers

We make homeownership more affordable for your customers—especially for first-time home buyers—through HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards, which averages $1,900 in cash-back savings per transaction.

Gain Pipeline

Gain insights into which members are looking to transact and when, as well as if they are pre-qualified. You can also monitor which agents have been assigned to specific customers and track reasons why members chose to fund their loan elsewhere.

Our Partners

HomeAdvantage currently works with partners nationwide. Below are some of our top partners that have reached Million Dollar Club status, having helped give back over $1M in HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards.

Partners FCU
Redwood CU
NorthWest FCU
State Department FCU

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